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mouthwatering healthy dishes  in no time with Saladmaster  cookware.




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Foodture: Cooking for a Healthy Future

Who We Are

For over 60 years we’ve been helping people eat healthier with our advanced Saladmaster cookware system. This is our core mission, which we continuously reinforce through product improvement, research and staying connected with our customers to gain a genuine understanding of their needs. You save time, energy, and money when you use the Saladmaster premium quality, engineered system of cooking featuring the exclusive 316 Ti stainless steel.  It is with great passion that Saladmaster cultivates creativity and pride of workmanship to provide our customers with continual lifestyle improvement.

Foodture: Cooking for a Healthy Future, an authorized Saladmaster Dealership, has been cooking and changing lives for 10 years in Northern California.  The owner, M. Isis Israel, is passionate about sharing the product and nutrition. The Foodture team are all like-minded people, excited to help change lives! 

Our Philosophy

With so many food choices available, understanding how to eat healthfully can be overwhelming. ​We believe everyone deserves to be healthy and can have the knowledge and tools to sustain this, but In today's world it is becoming increasingly harder to provide nutritious healthy meals for you or your family. Because people today are busier than ever, it is not so easy to come up with healthy, creative and tasteful dishes that will satisfy your family's eating habits in a short amount of time. We believe Saladmaster can help with this large problem facing families everywhere. Let us help bring joy and fun back to your kitchen, we will show you how to cook food so that you preserve and enhance the nutritive value of that food in a way that will benefit your mind and body. Healthy and wholesome food nourishes the mind, body and spirit, and is at the heart of what we do. We love teaching families how to cook and eat healthier using the right equipment and techniques.

Cooking is easy and enjoyable when you've got the right tools.

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