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We are Cooking Green

You can lessen your carbon foot print in the kitchen with Saladmaster cookware saving 70% of your cooking energy.

Each one of us can make a difference every day through simple steps we can take through our lifestyle choices and personal practices, from the food we eat and products we purchase to the energy we consume. 

"Cooking is an energy intensive activity which contributes disproportionately to evening peak energy demand. Surveys suggest that average household cooking consumes 600 to 700 kWh per year for electric equipment (over 10% of average annual electricity consumption), or around 5 GJ if gas is used (almost 15% of average annual gas consumption).  User behavior is a major factor influencing cooking energy use. Apart from decisions about the type of meal to be cooked, actions such as leaving lids off and boiling hard instead of simmering can easily double energy consumption. Melting fat for deep frying, boiling large quantities of water for meals such as pasta can also consume large amounts of energy. 

Did you know that to pre-heat your oven, it takes the same amount of energy to light up 40, 100 watt light bulbs? 
Are You Aware that the Average U.S. Household Produces More than 35,000 Pounds of Greenhouse Gas Every Year? 27 % of your house hold energy is consumed by the kitchen. 12% is used by cooking alone in less than an hour
. Did you know an average gas stove is only 55% efficient and your average electric cook top is only 45% efficient? That means out of every $100.00, $45 to $55 is thrown into the atmosphere in the form of various gases.

Did you know 90% of the energy used to cook in the oven is just heating your house? with Saladmaster anything you would cook in theoven you can cook ontop of the stove. 

"Green by Design"
At Saladmaster , GREEN is not simply a color. It's a commitment to environmental responsibility in the development of our products, processes and logistics. We have procedures in place to minimize our environmental impact and continue to explore new opportunities to be green by design. Our manufacturing air emissions fall beneath threshold regulatory quantities. We emit no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Saladmaster’s efforts consistently fall within federal, state, and local standards for wastewater and solid waste treatment and disposal. Our packaging (corrugated and liner board) utilizes a combined average of 68% - 77% recycled content. Recycling paper and cardboard from our facilities saves 3,283 trees and 19,309 gallons of gasoline annually. Recycling our scrap steel and aluminum saves 4,300 barrels of oil annually (according to the EPA Waste Wise formula). The state-of-the-art lighting systems in our manufacturing and corporate office facilities save a total of 1.5 million kilo watt hours, or 137,000 gallons of gasoline annually. Our cookware is made in the USA. Less energy is required to deliver the product to our customers in the USA vs. shipping and delivering product imported from other countries and, thus, reduces our carbon imprint on the environment. 

Cooking Green is about cooking consciously, with awareness of your actions and the impact they have on your food, your health and the health of life around you and the sustainability of our planet. 
Sustainability, in the most basic terms, is the ability to provide for the needs of the population in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, in this generation and for generations to come.

Saladmaster’s patented unique semi-vacuum and superior 316TI Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium metal creates perfect heat. The heat is transmitted throughout - surrounding, tenderizing and cooking evenly in a semi-vacuum. This engineering feature enables food to be cooked at lower settings and in less time than traditional cookware, increasing energy savings up to 70%. Retaining over 90% of the Nutrients in your cooked food. This cooking system enables you to cook without water or oil, using very low temperatures.

Energy Conserving Tips
Did you know that every time you lift the cover while cooking, you can lose at least 50º in temperature and waste energy? All our lids in our cookware sets come with the vapo valve when the temperature inside our cookware reaches the desired temperature for preparing foods without harming the nutritional aspects (187°F), our patented Vapo Valve begins to click, alerting you to turn down the temperature. As a result you retain 90% and above of the vitamins & minerals in your cooked foods. No more guessing, pot watching & stirring plus you save ENERGY.

Our patented cookware creates a semi-vacuum which locks in all the aroma, moisture and most importantly, heat inside your cookware. By keeping all this energy and moisture locked in, your foods will cook faster and naturally be juicier and tender. Our cookware is engineered to cook on lower heat greatly increasing energy efficiency and lowering your monthly energy bill.Because of our unique semi-vacuum, and even heat conduction design, you can actually bake on top of the stove.

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