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New  Vegan Cookbook Coming Soon....

M.Isis Israel Author of the following Cookbooks is currently working on a New Cookbook.

The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Cuisine  (Dairy Free)
This inspirational cookbook features a fascinating range of healthy appetizing recipes all prepared in Saladmasters Cooking Systems. Whether your a full time vegan- vegetarian or looking for the ideal occasional cholesterol free meal full of nutritional and flavor then here is your source. These easy to follow recipes show how versatile, delicious and healthy a vegan-vegetarian diet can be.

The Perfect Salad- Saladmaster Guide to Building the Ultimate Salad
(Dairy Free)

In the Perfect Salad you will enjoy nature's freshest ingredients in 156 wonderful salad and salad related recipes. In the Perfect Salad are healthy recipes for gourmet salads using a large array of greens, raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, and grains. The Perfect Salad also has an assortment of low calorie and lite salads as well as hearty and filling complete salad meals prepared with healthy produce prepared with SaladMaster’s Health Systems. This book explains how to choose your base ingredient for your salad, and then what weightier items to add toward creating your perfect salad meal. You will also discover recipes for healthy and rich salad dressings made from wholesome organic ingredients as well as ideas for finishing garnishes and accompanying  beverages to complete your ultimate salad.

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