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You're Invited to a Healthy in- home Cooking Class

This will be an entertaining educational and enjoyable
class shared with others. Come Learn about fascinating,
cutting edge knowledge regarding nutrition, prevention
of diet related diseases, the latest technology
in cookware and cooking methods.

During your cooking class you will learn more about proper food preparation  and how to eliminate the enemies of nutrition.  Learn how to save half of   your time in the kitchen also saving energy and money on your food bill. You  will  enjoy a  Free catered meal right in your home and we will do all  the clean up too!

Learn How To

    Increase the Nutrition in your foods
    Reduce fats & oils and retain flavor
    Cook different types of cuisine
    Eat more quality tasty organic vegetables
    Prepare healthy foods that kids like
    Make cancer preventive food choices

Day of Cooking Class:
Time:      (2-3-hour event)
RSVP: _________________, ___-_____

P.S. You'll also be amazed by the "taste-for-yourself test," when a solution of water and baking soda (which reacts like natural salts in food,) is heated in different types of cookware, (i.e.: porcelain, Teflon, aluminum, glass, cast iron, and even high-quality stainless steel with titanium, vs. in Saladmaster's (the highest quality cookware in the world,) surgical steel. This taste test is amazing! The proof is in the pudding, or the "soda soup," so to speak. It is astounding to experience and realize the chemical reactions various types of cookware has with the foods we ingest and how that affects our health.


Delicious Menu- five-course organic meal

Please RSVP
This will be an enjoyable class shared with others. Come learn about fascinating, cutting-edge knowledge regarding nutrition, cookware, and cooking methods.

(It will be a three-hour event, and the event begins promptly at the start time, so we encourage on-time arrival.)

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