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What the Professionals and Customers are saying about Saladmaster.   Saladmaster Reviews

I want to say a big thank you to all my friends at Saladmaster.


They're really getting peole to cook in a much healthier way. We're getting all the oil out...we're keeping all the vitamins and nutrients in and we're really changing lives. People learn that they can cook in so much of a healthier way.

For me as a doctor I appreciate it and I know your customers do too! Thanks a lot!"

Dr Neal Barnard M.D. Founder of PCRM  The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

To Whom This May Concern,

My whole family enjoys using the Saladmaster cookware.  It is efficient, easy to clean and we love that the handles do not get hot and can be so easily snapped off for cleaning and even stewing foods in the oven. 

I also like that they are scratch resistant and do not impart any metals, chemicals or plastics into the food.  If you are a health enthusiast like me, it is satisfying to know I am using the healthiest cookware too.

The other issue is my wife and I are so busy and not doing most of the cooking, so we are relying on people that work for us to prepare most of the food.  But, I still like to cook and do so from time to time.

Warmest regards,


-Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of the New York Times best-seller, Eat to Live, and Super Immunity, and family physician inventor of the Nutritarian concept and the ANDI Score (1-1000) for different foods. The ANDI Score ranks foods based on their nutritional density per calorie.  Seen on PBS

“Regarding The 316 TI surgical stainless steel used by Saladmaster in their products is the safest metal available and never outgases toxicity. In all areas, including customer service, Saladmaster leads the field.”

David Wolfe

David Wolfe is a best selling author, educator and nutrition expert with 20 plus years of health, wellness and diet research and experience to his name. An American national who founded an international Longevity Now Conference in the US.

David Wolfe,

Author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, Superfoods, Eating For Beauty, Amazing Grace, Naked Chocolate, and The Longevity NOW Program Have THE BEST DAY EVER!

To Whom This May Concern,
I’m writing this as a testimony to the importance and validity of Saladmaster Cookware.


Before I go into the details of why I highly recommend people use only Saladmaster cookware, let me give you a little background on myself. 
I am Dr. Dan Rogers, MD, PhD, NMD.  I have been treating patients using alternative medicine, principally the Gerson Therapy since the late 1970’s.   We were essentially following in the footsteps and the example of Dr. Max Gerson, MD.  Through the use of good clinical science we have found that what I now call the Gerson Plus Therapy, has a much higher survival rate than the pure Gerson Therapy.  I still use the pure basic Gerson therapy as the foundation for my treatment protocols, but because of the higher survival rates of the Gerson Plus program this is the one that I would recommend as the best.
I am an international lecturer and author of several books on Health and Healthy Living.  I also participated in the formation of the Office of Complimentary and Alterative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health in Washington D.C.  I gave open testimony at the first meeting and was invited back about 6 months later to sit on various committees.  It was out of that work that the Office of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) was formed.
Saladmaster cookware is special to me for many reasons.  We have been proud owners of the products for over 30 years and have always recommended them to my patients.  Saladmaster is the only cookware to our knowledge that is scientifically proven to retain an average 93%  of the foods nutrient value when cooked.  Also, the Saladmaster cooking surface is made from high grade 316ti surgical stainless steel.  There is no chemical reaction and no leeching of heavy metals or chemicals into your food.  This is the ONLY cookware that does that.  These factors alone make this vitally important to you and your family for maintaining good health.
We have patients that come from all around the world for treatment, many for life threatening diseases.  Every patient that uses the GersonPlus Program for their treatment leaves our Center with a set of Saladmaster Cookware.  We believe that using the Saladmaster Cookware is vital for their healing and well being.  Cooking with this cookware is part of our protocol for recovery and prevention of further disease.
If you are considering purchasing a set of Saladmaster…do it.  It is a worthwhile investment that can add years to your life and life to your years.  You will never regret it.

Dr. Dan Rogers, MD, PhD, NMD.

For more information about our health and wellness programs, feel free to visit  You can also write to me directly at or call toll free USA 866.535.8886, Int +646.435.2818.
To a world without Disease,
Dr. D. E. Rogers, M.D., Ph.D., N.M.D, Founder of the GersonPlus Therapy

To Whom This May Concern,
I’m writing this as a testimony to the importance and validity of Saladmaster Cookware.


"I personally choose Saladmaster Cookware because it is toxin- free, cooks with an even temperature, and food definitely tastes better than any other brands I've tried!"
Paul Chek President of C.H.E.K Institute

"Many cookware sold in stores can release chemicals and metals into the foods we eat. Saladmaster's cooking surface is made from 316TI surgical stainless steel. This type of metal does not leach metals into your food and is safe to cook on."

Dr Robert Young

"To Whom It May Concern;
As a microbiologist, I pioneered the study of ultra light microscopy. The lifestyle you live, the foods you eat and the way you prepare your foods has a vital roll on the health of the blood and tissue. If your foods are devitalized or contaminated with chemicals or metals your blood, which becomes tissue will be comprised. If the blood is deprived of healthy foods that have been properly prepared over a period of time, degeneration and cellular transformation will occur. With 1 in 3 people at risk for cancer and so many people dying of cardiovascular diseases, it is essential that people take charge of their own health, eat the right foods and prepare them properly. All foods have energetic qualities. Unfortunately, most cooked foods have lost their energy and are dead. Saladmaster's unique system of low temperatures, water free, semi-vacuum cooking minimizes the oxidation of the food's nutrients and electrons and maximizes the energetic qualities. The food is more alive with electrons the spark of life! Many cookware sold in stores can release chemicals and metals into the foods we eat. Saladmaster's cooking surface is made from 316TI surgical stainless steel. This type of metal does not leach metals into your food and is safe to cook on. Choosing the right kind of cookware is a vital component of a healthy living program. We are happy owners of this fine product and recommend it to anyone who cares about their health and the health of their family.

Dr Robert Young
Author of PH Miracle


The pH Miracle
Dr Young, Author of the Best Selling Book "The pH Miracle " recommends and uses Saladmaster Cookware. You may have seen Dr. Young on several of the morning shows over the last few years. His book "The pH Miracle" was on the NY Times Bestseller list for several weeks. It is a wonderful book, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their health or anyone especially with cancer. In December 2005, Saladmaster received a letter from Dr. Young, talking about the problems associated with cooking your food in regular store bought stainless steel.  Dr. Young is one of the foremost experts on the body and how your body's PH can either hurt or help you in fighting off most diseases.

"To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to have discovered a product I can recommend to my patients that is so essential to their recovery.


 What I like about Saladmaster cookware is that it retains the nutrients in food, eliminates the leeching of hazardous metals into food and allows for cooking without the use of oils. My wife and I enjoy using the electric skillet and the Saladmaster machine for making quick and nutritious meals at home. We love the fact that it is easy to clean and store.  Its great to be able to call on Isis for recipes and cooking ideas anytime. She is a wonderful resource in our community."

Anthony Morris, L.Ac.  Mendocino County Acupuncture Clinic
Mendocino County Acupuncture Clinic
620 So Dora Suite #102 Ukiah, CA 95482 - 707-462-9900

Fans & Customers


"I recently attended a meal/ demonstration party like this and was totally impressed -plus, I learned a lot." - William Florian


          “Thank you again for the invitation to the Saladmaster dinner. We certainly enjoyed  it! Looking forward to cooking healthy in our new pot.” - D & R

         “Thanks for the deeelicious dinner -- and the education. I just tossed out my non-stick and porcelain pans! I'm so grateful to have healthy alternatives!”-     Gayla Yates

I recently experienced Saladmaster’s full-course meal and presentation in a friends' home and had a great time . I was impressed enough to want to share this with my friends.  Ariel

      “I was amazed to learn about the health dangers of cooking on most of the cookware I had in my kitchen cupboard, all of which I have now discarded.  These dangers went well beyond what I already knew about Teflon!  On top of that, having healthy cookware that cuts my cooking time in half at the same time is an added plus!”~ Leslie  

   Thanks for inviting me to this Saladmaster Demo, It was a great education. I learned about many important aspects concerning food preparation, cooking and nutrition. It was a lot of fun too! Me and my husband loved the food! I look forward to hosting my own demo and sharing this with my friends!  Linda D.


     I recently enjoyed this presentation and had a blast! The salad was amazing! I’m very happy to learn of new healthier methods of cooking food, I eat mainly raw foods, but am excited to offer this low heat cooking for my family, and keep more nutrients in cooked food. Thanks again.  Laura J.

     While I am quite aware of most current nutritional information, this demonstration amazed and enlightened me.
As a delicious, organic, gourmet lunch (for me and 11 friends) was prepared and eaten,
I learned more than all I'd known previously about cooking nutrition.Being from NYC, I'm not easily impressed and also not particularly into 'home/cookware/appliance' stuff.
Since this meal, I am clear that if we're going to eat anything other than raw, this is the cookware to use The superb meal with generous portions can be tailored for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, gluten-free.
The invaluble information is charmingly presented by Isis Israel, who has a wealth of knowledge.
The taste of water heated in various pots and pans of your own is the final amazing experience of this demonstration.

This is the most delicious learning experience you'll ever have.  Judith

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