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Hosting Guide

​Our advertising promotion is a great-tasting, low-calorie, heart-healthy meal prepared fresh for you and your family & friends.  This fun and educational meal will serve up to 6-12 people.  This meal is at no cost to you as a part of our promotion.  There are no gimmicks or catches.

Host a Dinner Show & Receive

The highest quality kitchen equipment available! FREE Hosting Gift!

Here is everything you need to know:
Host A Healthy Dinner Show - We would like to offer you a chance for a catered dinner for you and up to 4-5 couples or 8-12 people, plus receive a free gift just for hosting this dinner. All you have to do is let us prepare a meal using our heart healthy cooking system, watch our presentation and enjoy the food.  There is no obligation to purchase will earn your gift. We even clean-up afterwards. E-mail Us: for more details or to book your dinner now!

We Will:

    Arrive 20-30 minutes early to set up.
    Furnish ALL the food.
    Prepare a complete, healthy and nutritional meal while sharing valuable nutritional information.
    Do all the cooking while you & your guests watch
    Conduct a cookware pollution test
    Clean up after ourselves.
    Present you with a WONDERFUL hosting gift as a "Thank You" for helping us advertise!


So, What Do You Get?
Well, I'm so glad you asked.  Here is a list of our wonderful hosting items



Saladmaster Machine (1st Dinner) 
“Mini”Wok                    (2nd Dinner) 
Saladmaster Knives    (3rd Dinner) 
Tea Kettle                     (4th Dinner)  


(The Hostess pays $25.00 Shipping on  gift)

Q & A
1.  Why would you give away a meal & quality gift?  What's the catch?
For advertising purposes; so that the next time you think about cooking products you will think about Saladmaster.

2.  Do we have to buy anything?
No one is obligated to purchase at your dinner.

3.  May I invite others to my dinner show?
Yes!  But only up to 12 people or 6 couples.  We bring enough food for up to 12 adults.

4. What is on the menu?

Menu options Choose an entree & cake choice













Vegan Lasagna: Layered with Marinara Sauce, Diced tomato, Pasta, tofu ricotta, Fresh Spinach, Mushrooms, Zucchini Topped with vegan cheese    (We can make it Gluten Free too)


Vegan  Enchilada Pie Layered with Chayote squash, corn tortillas, green chilies, black beans, mild enchilada sauce and vegan cheese

Oil free fried chicken

We will also make Side Dishes :
Low-Carb Potato with Onions

Fresh Organic Vegetable Medley: (Broccoli, Carrots, Cabbage, sweet Corn)
Fresh Rainbow Salad Slaw with Dressings













Dessert   Famous Organic Salad Cake (We can make it Gluten Free too)
Chocolate cake with raspberries
Apple Spice cake with apples
Lemon cake with Blueberries

5. How long is the Dinner Show?
2 ½ hours – 3 hours

Your Only Requirements:

    Invite guests, over to a fantastic night with Saladmaster
    Tell them to bring their appetites
    Furnish plates and utensils and a non alcoholic beverage of your choice.
    Enjoy the meal and fill out a short questionnaire on how you liked the food and how it was prepared.
    We need all couples to watch the whole entire dinner show- so you can earn and receive your hosting gift.
    Please no t.v. on during the dinner show- it is an education fun time.

What to Say to Your Guests

"We are inviting you to join us at our home for a Saladmaster Health & Nutrition Dinner Show.  We're going to have a great time!  The cooking show is about proper food preparation.  We will taste food prepared in a low-fat, low-cholesterol, healthy way.  No one is required to buy anything. We're hosting the show on                 at                and if you attend we'll be getting a great gift.  Can you help us out?"
(Suggest your guests to bring a pan from their kitchens for our Educational Pot test, & calendar in case they want to book their own dinner)

Whom Should I Invite?
Plan to invite people that are dependable, responsible and are health conscious or have health concerns.  People looking for a part-time or full-time career opportunity also enjoy the show.
When inviting guests, simply explain that there is no financial obligation on anyone's part and we'll have an enjoyable evening of learning and dining.

• Invite couples who appreciate nice things.
• Invite couples who are health conscious.
• Invite people who like to cook.
• Encourage guests to be on time.
• If children are present we need your help- have some one or something entertain them during the event. ( please let the chef know if kids will be present)

1-We encourage you to invite Couples to attend your dinner show. This means: 
   They are partners to each other, or married or engaged to each other or make purchasing decisions together.

2-You must invite Qualified couples to attend your dinner show. 
Couples in attendance must be gainfully employed or have a retirement income. 
Although no one has to purchase anything from us in order to receive your gifts, your guests must have the   ability to invest (whether through a cash or credit method) if they wanted to.

Need a Email Invite : Fwd this Email to invite your guests to your dinner.

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